Social media marketing is an art form. It can be a difficult thing to do if you come from a traditional marketing background. With traditional marketing the goal is to sell a product or service, it’s easy enough to create advertising and marketing plans around that. However, with social media marketing the goal is to engage your audience, have conversations with them that talk about your brand indirectly. If you are constantly trying to sell your product or service to fans on Facebook, they are going to become annoyed quickly and stop following you.

If your Facebook marketing plan is nothing but selling, you need a new plan. How do you create a plan that will engage and keep your fans interested, yet still encourage them to check out your services? Here are some tips.

  1. Know your brand. If you don’t fully understand your product or service, it’s going to be difficult to talk about it on your Page. The places you research for better understanding are the exact things you should be sharing with your fans.
  1. Map out what to post each day of the week. Examples could be Tech Monday, Business Tuesday, and don’t forget Throwback Thursday! Give each day of the week an angle that is based on your business.
  1. Ask questions. The best way to engage an audience and make them feel they are part of a conversation is to ask them what they think, or about their own experiences with something related to your product or service. Remember to reply to them when they do respond.
  1. Don’t post too often. Facebook is not Twitter or Instagram, where you have a bit more flexibility in how often you can post. On Facebook, you should post at a minimum once a day, maximum 3 or 4. If you are at an event, you can probably get away with a few more, but be careful and watch how your fans react. Adjust as necessary.
  1. Have fun! If you don’t have fun with your social media, your fans will notice. Social media is social, and you don’t have to overthink it and deeply analyze what you will post. You know your product or service the best, and you love what you do. Show your fans why, and that will reflect in how they respond.