When it comes to choosing a social media platform for your business, it can be confusing – especially if you’re just getting started.

I remember when social media became popular for brands the strategy was to just have a presence. It was the same when websites became popular. It was just important to have a website or a social media account for your business and there wasn’t a lot of thought given to design or customer experience. Times have changed. You’ve got to have a social media plan or you will be left spinning your wheels.

Here are tips for choosing a social media platform for your business:

Know your target market. Before you start posting to social media sites, take time to understand who you want to reach. That’s your target market. Then you choose social media sites where your target market is likely spending time.

Facebook is where you meet and engage with your online community. With 156 million users worldwide, it’s likely you will find your market here. If your target market is younger (18­-34 years old), consider other options like Instagram as this crowd tends to be a bit older.

Twitter is designed for content creators (think bloggers, PR, marketing) and information junkies. If you’re trying to reach men and women who love content and newsworthy items, this is the place for you. Twitter works best when you’re engaging with other users so if you don’t have time or interest, consider other options.

LinkedIn is effective for B2B networking or hiring employees. Consider publishing here in addition to your own blog to gain more exposure. If you’re not looking to connect with professionals or bigger brands, consider going elsewhere.

Pinterest is perfect for highly visual businesses like website designers, graphic designers, real estate professionals, and artisans but is gaining traction for info­brands too. If your target market is women 34-­55 years old who make in excess of $75k, Pinterest is the place for you.

Instagram is also visual and tends to attract 18-­34-year-olds. If your target market is older or corporate professional, I recommend staying away from this platform. This is where the younger folks spend time.

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