All of them.

Just kidding. You should NOT be on every single social media network. That’s confusing as heck and a waste of time. Let me repeat: YOU SHOULD NOT BE ON EVERY SINGLE SOCIAL MEDIA NETWORK. Sorry for repeating that, it’s just a huge pet peeve of mine. If you’re just testing the waters to see which network is best for your business, I can get behind that line of reasoning. But maintaining more than 5 active accounts is too time-consuming and costs too much.

That being said, you should definitely be doing some sort social media marketing.

The big ones

The pros: Everyone, their grandmother and their dog is on Facebook. The cons: Everyone is one Facebook. With so much content overload on FB, it’s going to be difficult to reach your target audience, but it *IS* possible. Because it’s so easy to share on Facebook, creative content that is unusual, poignant or exciting will spread, but it’s really a pay-to-play world. That means you should have a monthly budget for boosting posts and advertising. Facebook is great for membership-driven businesses, teams, events and social causes.

The pros: It’s easy, it’s quick and there’s no algorithm. Cons: It’s massive, it’s busy and your content is limited. Twitter is a no-brainer for news outlets, bloggers, speakers and authors…Not to mention celebrities, politicians and industry groups. Twitter is really focused on conversation and is a great tool to connect with people at events. I also love it for twitter chats. And it’s got great search functionality, so it’s easier to locate your target market.