Crafting content for your target audience can seem like a never-ending task. Repackaging your content can help you be more productive and allow you to engage followers across multiple platforms. Here are a few ideas if you get stuck.

1. Make a list.
– Break up a list into multiple blog posts.
– Create a list graphic.
– Pin each item of the list to a Pinterest board.

2. Interview a client, a member of your industry or someone you admire.
– Create a video preview or commercial of the interview. Post it to Facebook and tag the other person’s business.
– Pull poignant quotes from your guest.
– Write a blog post summarizing the interview.

3. Create a video.
– Post a 20-second clip to Twitter.
– Take a still of the video for Instagram.
– Transcribe the video in a blog post.

4. Guest post on someone else’s blog.
– Hold a Google Hangout to answer any questions.
– Comment on said blogger’s other blog posts.
– Use your blog posts for your newsletter content.

5. Create a blog post.
– Create a slideshow of your major points.
– Transform the highlights into an ebook.
– Post it to a LinkedIn group that would benefit from it.