• Daily Facebook posts
  • Daily Twitter posts
  • Content curation
  • 3 Custom branded graphics
  • $25 Facebook ad budget


  • Daily Facebook posts
  • Daily Twitter posts
  • Daily Google+ posts
  • Daily LinkedIn posts
  • Content curation
  • 5 Custom branded graphics
  • $50 Facebook ad budget


Where do you get your content?

Our content marketing team members scours the web searching for relevant and informative things to share on your pages. We post news, images, trending topics and more. All posts are relevant to your brand and help build your community.

Will I have access to my accounts?

Absolutely! You will have the same access to your accounts that you’ve always had. We are here to help relieve your social media stress, but if you feel inclined to jump back in and post, just give us a head’s up! We will provide you with guidelines on what to post, what to say, and how we can work together.

How do you know what to post on my accounts?

When you sign up for our service, an account manager will contact you to kick off your social media strategy. We’ll find out more about your business so we tailor posts specifically to your audience.

What if I don’t have a Twitter/LinkedIn/Google+ account?

We’ll set one up for you at no extra cost. If you don’t want those accounts included, it does not change the cost of the service.

Why is a Facebook advertising budget necessary?

While Facebook does not charge you to have a business page, their model is pay-to-play. Not all of your followers will see all of your posts on Facebook, but when you pay, Facebook will give your business page preferential treatment on your followers’ timelines. In order for your social media marketing to be as successful as possible, you need a Facebook advertising. That is why we include it as part of our packages. Additional social media advertising services are available upon request.

What if I want more?

If you are looking for additional digital services, we would gladly talk with you about your projects and who we recommend.

Do you offer other social media platforms like Pinterest, Snapchat, or Quora?

We do, however they are not included as a part of the packages listed above. If you are looking for a more custom social media experience, we are a full service social marketing agency that can assist with whatever you have in mind. Just ask!

What if I want to cancel my service?

We are always sad to see our customers go, but our contract simply requires a minimum 30-day notice.